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Lotus and Thousand Kisses arrived safe & sound. I knew I loved them when first saw them online but in reality I am blown away!
They will take pride of place in my home, thank you Jaanika
- Keira Ruane, Galway



Clair de Lune was received yesterday. There was much suspense while opening it as my wife went through the various layers of packaging to get to the packaging. (excellent packing job). Then when she saw it she gave me a very sad look. It was her April Fool's joke !
She loves it, as do I. Nice bold colors with some not commonly used. We'll get it hung within a day or so.


- Mike Stambaugh , United States

Just to say print has been delivered about 15 mins ago safe and sound and it will look fantastic, so off to the framers next weekend!
Many thanks
- Colin Westley, UK

Thank you so much! I’ve received the piece it looks wonderful I’m so happy with it!

- Sarah Jacobson, United States

Have received my painting,The Golden Hour. Thank you so much..I'm super super pleased & will send a photo for FB once I've hung it!

Thanks again

- Barbara Thomas, UK

Thank you so much Jaanika! Arrived safe and sound.
It's so stunning.
- Matthew Loftus

Print arrived safe and sound today, it’s even more beautiful in reality, thank you for my portal to losing myself.

- Helen Ballinger, UK


Jaanika, it's arrived and it's even more beautiful than I originally thought! Thank you so much! I will send you a picture when we have it hanging. 

Thanks a million

- Sinéad, Ireland

Wow! “She” is beautiful! Arrived safe and sound today. Just stunning.

- Barbara Hubley, USA


Hi - just wanted to let you know that my picture arrived and it is somehow 1000 times better when I see the real thing. It’s so lovely and will have pride of place on our wall. 

- Alice James, United Kingdom


Jaanika, I just wanted to say again what a pleasure and a privilege it was to meet you tonight! Thank you so much again, your work brings such joy. I have recalled that the second piece we bought was Eurielle, after Lover's Touch! The name escaped both Claire and I in the gallery this evening! We are so looking forward to adding Euphoria to our collection. All the best, with your talent, your art, and your health! I'm looking forward to following you and your work for many years to come. And all the very best for the remainder of your exhibition! Kindest Regards,

- Nicolle Viljoen, Ireland


Good day! My piece came yesterday and it is even more beautiful than I thought!

 Thank you, Jaanika!

- Anita Morley White, USA


Hi Jaanika! Just a quick txt to say the art has just arrived! It's beyond beautiful. I love it! 

Thank u so much x

- Michelle Litvajova, Ireland


Hello Jaanika, the painting just arrived, Looks amazing! 

Thank you!

- Frank Schürmann, Germany (Commission)

I got it today!!! The picture doesn't do it justice but it looks so good!! I have a few jealous friends. I love it so much!! Thank you for everything and I will be back in touch.

- Julie Melton, USA


Hi Jaanika,

It was lovely to meet you yesterday. The lads in the office are still trying to convince me to hang the painting there. Not a chance!!

My favourite of you flower paintings was 'Velvet Senses'. I couldn't remember the name yesterday. I came across your art on the website a few years ago and have been following you on Facebook ever since. I had always intended to purchase one of you beautiful paintings. They are so full of life and colour and I love colour. I love 'Spring Delight' and I am thrilled to finally have one of your paintings in my collection.

I wish you every success in your career Jaanika. You have an amazing talent. I will be following you on Facebook and in time I hope to purchase one of your landscapes. I just have to find some wall space ...

- Angela Keane, Ireland


Jaanika, it just arrived and is hanging on the wall. We all love it here, thank you so much and God bless

- Matthew Loftus, Ireland


Art is something which should evoke feeling and emotion and something which is transient as in each view or engagement with the piece should bring different experiences. This fabulous artistic work does all of the above. Each painting tells a story that is comforting challenging and inspiring but equally emotional. These works resonate with childhood memories adolescent angst adult passions and all are engulfing. I find it hard to take my gaze from each piece, it is safe to say these works are not "art for arts sake.

- Miriam Farrell Fitzgerald

Her paintings are a little bit otherworldly, I think - so much so that as a highly visual poet I utterly felt the need to create one of my recent poems to her painting entitled 'Saudade' and was happy to use the very same title as the Portuguese word 'saudade' turns out to mean a feeling of longing, melancholy and nostalgia that especially refers to songs or poetry. Cheers.

- Brian O'Driscoll


Hi Jaanika,

Just a brief note of thanks for the wonderful painting. It brings so much colour and life to the room. 
As does my earlier purchase. Thanks again

- Edward Keeley, Ireland


Morning, my painting just arrived. I love it! My own piece of bliss. Thank you Jaanika.

-Deirdre Gorman, Ireland


Have just opened this and it is amazing. Absolutely thrilled with it. 

Many many thanks,

-Donna Tynan, Ireland


Proud to say that I am the owner of numerous artworks by Jaanika Talts. As I've already mentioned to both Jaanika and Claire (The Gaslamp Gallery), that I'm going to need a bigger home soon to adorn the walls with such beautiful paintings. My collection of Jaanika pieces that I have acquired are an affirmation of the statement that when it comes to the purchasing of artworks, I am a firm believer that you should always buy the pieces "that you love". Thomas Merton once said that "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” This statement perfectly sums up how I feel about the artworks I have purchased from Jaanika. Jaanika, your paintings are truly memorising, pictures do NOT do them justice. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, these artworks will forever leave you in awe. They are to be marveled and cherished in all of their beauty.

- Amalyah McGrath, Australia


Hi Jaanika, thanks so much, I love my picture. 

Stunning, I keep looking at it. Its mesmerizing, will get no housework done!

- Deirdre Gorman, Ireland

Thank you Jaanika for our amazing painting! She's hanging up already - pride of place over the fireplace. We are so happy! Thank you again!!

- Allida Murphy, Ireland


She's here and arrived safe and sound.. it is so perfect I can't even put into words how I felt the first time I saw it in person!  Brought a few tears to my eyes.  I placed her in my kitchen for now where I spend most of my time and is one of my happy places.  
Thank you so much for bringing one of Nanceis final resting places to life. It means so much.
Forever grateful!

- Barbara, USA (Commission)


Hello Jaanika, a beautiful painting was delivered today. Thanks so much. 

- Vlado Schwarz, Slovakia

It arrived! It's absolutely gorgeous and I love it!!

- Linda McKnight, USA (Commission)


Hi Jaanika....just wanted you to know the print has arrived.  It's beautiful!!  I'm so excited to have it properly mounted and framed and will do so tomorrow.  Your work is truly unique and just exquisite in the color and brushstroke.  I so enjoy viewing it.

Warm regards,

- Jacqueline Meister, USA


Fantastic artist. I have 3 pieces hanging in Dubai. Always on the lookout to add to my collection.

- Pol O Ruairc, United Arab Emirates


Dear Jaanika,

The painting arrived yesterday and I like it very much. Much nicer in real as from the pictures. The different blue composition and the deep Impression is perfect for me. 

Thanks a lot and have a good Time!

- Frank Schürmann, Germany (Commission)

Thank you Jaanika! It is beautiful and admired daily!

- James Bowen, USA


"Jaanika's art is absolutely beautiful. I have purchased 2 pieces both are just perfect. They both arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you Jaanika."

- Kylie Hallaby, Australia (Commission)


"We absolutely love our glorious painting which really captures everything that we had hoped for when we commissioned the piece. It was a bit of a leap of faith on our behalf having only viewed previous works on the internet, but we are thrilled with the finished work. The colours are so vibrant, yet the painting is restful and calm. Thank you Jaanika for a beautiful painting which we will enjoy and treasure."

 - Eleri, Stuart & Morgan, Cardiff, Wales. (Commission)



Hi Jaanika,

Just to let you know I unwrapped 'ecstasy in chaos' & 'let it rain' last night, I'm just so thrilled, even more beautiful than I expected. 

They are really special to me as I choose 'ecstasy in chaos' without noticing the title when I was going through a bout of depression after loosing my mum, and have found great strength since, & 'let it rain' feels like an awakening to many things for me. Just thought I'd let you know that they will be loved & enjoyed on a daily basis. 

Thank you

- Julia King. Australia

I am a friend of Jaanika’s for a long time now and have followed her journey in her paintings during this time. I am now the proud owner of the first painting from her in my collection and it will not be the last. I love her use of colour and the way she sweeps across the canvas taking the eye all over the place as a good artist should.

Thank you for giving me many hours to come of looking at my painting, My Ireland no. 1.

- Alia Babapulle, Spain

dear jaanike...

thank you - what a delightful surprise!

living in a house full of artists - i have never before purchased

'art'... your 'middle of nowhere' is my first 'outside' painting...

... 'wow'! - if i were more articulate, perhaps i could express my

heart-felt gratitude...

i look forward to future 'creations' from you.

thank you, jaanike.

- Charles Kuhn, Germany

Hi Jaanika, I received my scarf today. It's absolutely gorgeous! Truly divine. Can't wait to wear it in public. Thank you

- Valerie Sweeney

I just bought 3 scarves as they are so beautiful and soft and I couldn't decide on one of two designs. I have now given one as a present. What a wonderful gift. They are so so beautiful. What a lovely gift for a special person.

- Liz

Choice Lettings

"The Passion in Progress

It is easy to stroll through the luxurious garden of visual surprise that is Jaanika Talts’ creative vision with desire to do nothing more than let your senses feast on the splendor before you. The canvases layered with bold color contrasts, montages of images that create allegorical portraits of individual subjects, and jeweled compositions suitable for royal occasions elevate her chosen mediums and viewers appreciative of the work. As much as this experience of sensualized transcendence satisfies the souls of art lovers, one feels compelled ––as humans often do when confronted with mystery in the form of brilliance–– to claim an even deeper comprehension of the passion in progress.

The body of work by Talts (to which this writer has been exposed thus far) moves elegantly back and forth between two dominant styles, or qualitative techniques, that might be described as emergent expressionism and transformative impressionism. The first should not be confused with “emerging expressionism,” indicating that period of art which revolutionized visual aesthetics during the early 1900s. The emergent expressionism referred to here denotes that aspect of Talts’ more abstract work which reveals an individual personality evolving toward a coherent definition of herself as an artist whose time has come to paint the language of her soul."

Editorial written and published in by Aberjhani, Award-winning author, editor and poet.

"I have the honour of having this amazing painting on my wall. People who visit me like it a lot and so  do i..  Thanx for a great painting, Jaanika"

 - Ruud, The Netherlands


"I purchased this original painting and it is hanging in my bedroom. The piece is very moving to me. I also purchased a print as a gift for a friend who loves it!"

-Maria, USA

"Being the proud owner of one of your earlier Paintings of which I look at every day gives me great comfort and joy.Your use of color leaves me silent in awe of it for i am that much taken by it .and that's just your paintings.Your Digital Art is also as inspiring.I am so happy that your work is now "out there " in the public view which is where it truly belongs.Wishing you every success." 

- Martin J Murphy, Ireland